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ski touring

from classic across the Gitzifurgge further to Ferdenrothorn up to Balmhorn south face for Cracks – we have something for everyone to offer


skitouring pleasure with long runs

From the Loetschenpasshut  there are some beautiful ski tours, which protrude through their long runs. A good planning of the tour and taking into account the current  avalanche bulletin is important, so that the tours are a pleasure

Mauerhorn 2944m mehr  Pfeil_blau_aufwärts 750m
Ferdenrothorn 3180m mehr  Pfeil_blau_aufwärts 980m
Gitzifurgge 2912m mehr  Pfeil_blau_aufwärts 220m
Hockenhorn 3293m mehr  Pfeil_blau_aufwärts 600m
Petersgrat 3203m mehr  Pfeil_blau_aufwärts 1000m

approach in winter

to approach the hut in winter more

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