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The fascination will not let us, like sun and wind even at 2690 m above sea level, often under extreme conditions, a virtually self-sufficient energy supply is possible


PLC control

The PLC is at the heart of the technology of the hut and is programmed and maintained by our friend and engineer Martin Märki, Arbastrom and by the guardian himself. It is important to us to have the experience again and again, to incorporate and coordinate the perfect interaction of the various components together. So we get to the goal of getting a little closer, make the best use solar and wind energy. Thanks to the SPS control and a modem connection, thetechnology can also be controlled from the valley in the non-waiting time.


Both on the south facade and on the west roof photovoltaic modules are installed. So the sun  can be optimally utilized from sunset until sundown. The total installed capacity is 3.5 kW. The current delivered is stored in the batteries and sufficient to keep the whole technology running. Also, all equipment that run on 220V, can thus be operated.

wind turbine

The wind turbines complements the ideal power supply by photovoltaics and brings especially at night and in bad, stormy weather flow. The power of the wind turbines are 4 kW. By default, the generated electricity is stored in batteries. By manual adjustments can be heated with electricity directly to the boiler.

Hot water collectors

On the roof of the West thermal collectors are mounted. Thanks to sophisticated control we can heat three different boiler. First, the hot water boiler is heated up to 90 degrees for hot coffee and tea, we can directly serve our guests from the hot water taps. The heating of the water with gas or wood eliminated largely. No large thermos jug more needs to be filled and facilitates the physical work very much. Also, the warm water heater, which contains 1000l water for showering, including for the kitchen and for the dishwasher is heated by the solar collectors. Last but not least 2000l heating water are heated in order to operate the underfloor heating on the ground floor, which makes for a pleasant and comforting warmth.

Mechanical ventilation

The tightened air is preheated behind the facade Prefa by the sun. You can choose whether the air is to be deducted from the facade or roof under the west. Especially in the winter can be achieved by a difference of the effective outside temperature to the air temperature behind the facade of up to 30 degrees. With this warm air can be heated in winter especially the room, in the summer the cool air can be used to create a pleasant climate in the cabin.


We have equipped the cottage with stationary lead-acid batteries. There are 24 blocks of 2V in use, which lead to a battery voltage of 48V. The batteries have a capacity of about 1300Ah

Tiba wood stove

The Tiba wood stove includes a register to which the heating tank can be filled, especially in the middle of winter and prolonged periods of bad weather in the summer. At peak times, also the hot water boiler is additionally heated. The necessary firewood are mainly drawn from the forests of the Lötschental. In these often very steep forests, the logs must be flown out by helicopter. the wood is easily transported in the opposite direction to the hut instead of the valley. Therefore, the additional transport costs is limited.

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