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75% of the total energy

Atersa A150 monokristalin (2007)
On the south facade
area 10 Stk. 1,6 x 0.8 m2, total 13 m2
output 1,5 kW
efficiency max. 11.5%
daily output max. 14kWh
Sunpower (2013)
Integrated in the west roof
area 8 Stk. 1,6 x 0,8 m2, total 13m2
output 1,84 kW
efficiency max. 18.1%
daily output max. 15 kWh
Frequency converters for maximum profit use of solar energy. It is issued to a heating element in the boiler.
Power Tracker for optimal use.

wind turbine

25% of the total energy, in winter 30%

LMW 2000      
output 2 kW
electric efficiency about 80%
voltage 48V
Rotor diameter 3,15m
number of revolutions max. 800U/min
wind speed max. 200km/h

diesel engine

OnanDiesel Motor L634D-P/ 10042A with water cooling
Markon Generator Typ B352e
output 60 kVA corresponds 48 kW
hours ca. 1.5h/day (5 month)
consumption 6.3l/h
energy produced 1061 kWh (2013 electric)
At the engine cooling a cogeneration unit is connected that produces us hot water for showers.

wood stove

Tiba central heating stove 870 with integrated oven
output 24kW. 20600kcal
heating power 20kW
Filling volume 22kg wood
burn time 2,5h

Hot water collectors

Soltop Cobra
area 20m2
temperature max. 102°C
orientation 40° SW, 26° roof pitch
maximum power ca. 75kW
efficiency ca. 75%
flow max. 480l/h


Zehnder Comfoair 1500 with crosscounter flow heat exchanger
amount of air up to 1500m3/h
output 900W
sound power 75dB
efficiency 90%

plc control

Omron Steuerung SPS TypCJ1M CPO23
Centrally controlled house technology with a touch panel in the kitchen:
solar panels
hot water
cold water
wood stove
electricity consumers
power generation


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