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from Ferden

through all stages of vegetation from the valley to the mountains

DSCN0304Who is not afraid of long and steep ascents will be rewarded with a hike through all stages of vegetation. The starting point of this route is Ferden. Opposite from Restaurant Ambord the hiking path is starting. He takes you past the sun-browned wooden houses and branches a few meters after the village turning right. Now the trail climbs steadily through the forest, just reached the carriage road of Kummenalp and branches to the right again. After a few switchbacks you get to “Eistli” (1728 m above sea level. M.), a collection of a few stables, after one hour.

Following the signs, the route again leads through dense forest, but soon this goes on in brighter forest and scrubland. Later it follows the course of Färdanbache on the left, crosses it and after about 2 h, the restaurant Kummenalp can be reached. Here dominates the typical alpine scenery, cows and sheep share in midsummer the juicy grass.

From the parking space on the Kummenalp the way now branches off to the north, passes by the fountain and right of the mountain huts. Caution: Never pass between the alpine huts, otherwise you mistakenly reaches the road to Ferdenpass! Now, the route for one hour upwards over the Alps and pasture land. The well-maintained hiking trail goes along to “Meieli” (2415 m above sea level. M.), a prominent rock head on your left. Then follow about 300 meters relatively flat an old water line and cross the stream. Now a further growing stage is reached, flowers and grasses are less, rock and scree determine from now on the landscape. In many sweeping the remaining 300 meters are to be overcome then. With a little luck you can watch ibex here. The first large stone man becomes visible and shortly thereafter you reach a breathtaking alpine lake, from which you finally see the hut.


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