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from Ferden

the climb far from the ski resort for ambitious ski tourers and snowshoers

Zustieg_FerdenFerden is the first village in Loetschental and starting point of this hut ascent. Vis-à-vis the hotel restaurant Ambord you follow the hiking signpost direction Loetschenpass. Either you follow the trail or reach via the motorway the first left turn Kummenstrasse (1570 m). Here we leave the carriage road and follow the path west of the Faerdanbaches to the bridge (1728 m). Next you go to the western arm of the Faerdanbaches along and climb a steep upswing to the bridge west of the Kummenalp (2086 m).

From here, you go to the mountain huts of Kummenalp and then follow the summer path to point 2415. Now you go up to the north (about 200m east of the trail) on the steep and rocky interspersed back on. On the level you go the last few meters to the hut.

Variant west from the bridge Kummenalp (2086m): here you climb steadily to Chastelli (2251 m). Then you go north in a few bends up the hillside to point 2387. Now you go up the ditch north-westwards up and walk around the lake (2594 m) to the west. From here you go through undulating terrain to Loetschenpasshut.

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