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from Lauchernalp

slowly away from the crowded slopes and immerse yourself in the quiet winter world

Zustieg_LauchernalpThe Lauchernalp can be reached by cable car from Wiler in Loetschental. Ski mountaineers are climbing a few meters of the ski slope, crossing the ski lift and following the blue slope “Waldera”. Then go left onto the red run National to leave the ski slope above the Hockenalp. Among the avalanche barriers and under the “Hockuchriz” you traverse and so you reach the big mountain basin marked “Golmbach” in the map.

Now you’ve left the hustle and bustle of the ski station behind. Steadily rise and cross this mountain basin trough north-west-wards. After 550 meters ascent the Hockensatteleggi (2566 m above sea level. M.) is reached in 2 hours. This little transition is leading into slightly flatter terrain. To the west Ferdenrothorn is visible with its impressive folds in the rock on the horizon. The trail passes relatively flat westward along the slope. After about 1200 meters a shallow trough is reached, this has to be crossed towards the north-west. After a short steeper rise you pass a large stone man standing on the hill. The remaining 400 m to the hut are now completed in a few minutes.

In good snow conditions a trace of snow groomer is leading from the slope “National” to the Loetschenpass. The beginning of this trail is best reached by the slopes National upwards to about 2,450 m above sea level. Here the path turns left to the Loetschenpass on the conveyor track and follows this up to the hut. Especially for snowshoers this variant is recommended. Anyone who wants to avoid this steep climb, however, takes the chair lift to the station Gandegg (2700 m above sea level), and there follows the slope of the runway National downstream over two suspension. Then the track goes sharply to the right and follows a stretch to 2450 m above sea level. From here you go in about 2 hours on the trail slightly uphill to the hut.

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