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from Leukerbad

the king boarding for perennial and performance-oriented ski tourers

09_gitzifurgge1At Leukerbad you follow the ski slope to the place Folljeret (1773 m). There you follow the road that will cross the Majinggraben and go to the Lower Majingalpe (1932 m). Next you ascend to the forest road to Fluebach (2,029m). Now you step into the valley on the left and will pass above the Fluehalp. In north-easterly direction you ascend through the long valley to point 2382 m. From here you walk about 2km further to the Gitzifurgge (2,912 meters). Now follows the descent towards the south-south-east to the water line (about 300 meters). Now you follow the water line to the Loetschenpasshut.

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